Delivering medical breakthroughs
for Diabetes & Obesity


Diasome Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is focused on the clinical and commercial development of breakthrough therapies for diabetes and obesity. Based on more than thirty years of research and development in the fields of cell receptor targeting, insulin replacement, and hepatic (liver) glucose metabolism, the Company’s pipeline includes multiple injected and oral formulations of liver targeted insulins for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients that are Phase 3 ready. In addition, we are developing a first-in-class oral compound for the Type 2 diabetes population that is based upon new insights into normal glucose metabolism and a novel mechanism of action, along with a nanotechnology-based oral compound that may have a significant impact in treating obesity.

Diasome’s technology platform is based on the use of its proprietary Hepatocyte Directed Vesicle, or HDV, nanotechnology to deliver a wide range of critically necessary hormones and drugs to the liver, the body’s primary site of glucose storage. It is generally recognized by diabetologists that the currently available forms of injected insulin used by all Type 1 diabetic patients and a significant percentage of people with Type 2 diabetes do not function in the body in the same way as naturally produced insulin. Because insulin tells the body when and how to store glucose, the ideal insulin therapy would function as closely to normal insulin as possible. Diasome’s HDV system is designed to fundamentally improve the way in which insulin works in people with diabetes by, for the first time, enabling much greater amounts of injected insulin to reach hepatocytes, the liver’s glucose storing cells.