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Injectable HDV Insulin

Hepatocyte Directed Vesicles can be added to all forms of commercially-available insulin as a means of significantly improving the way in which insulin works in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic subjects. HDV is comprised of proprietary liver targeting molecules that attach to insulin molecules without changing the structure of the insulin itself. In fact, HDV has been developed so that it can be added to insulin vials by pharmacists and patients on a once-per-vial basis. Diasome has conducted human clinical studies of HDV added to both pre-meal and long-acting insulins, and the FDA has approved HDV plus pre-meal insulin for Phase 3 human testing.


Oral HDV Insulin

Diasome’s Oral HDV Insulin technology was the first oral insulin approved for Phase 3 testing by the US FDA, and it has been shown in Phase 2 human studies to be very effective in lowering blood glucose levels in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients using very low amounts of oral insulin. Because each Oral HDV Insulin capsule contains as little as five insulin units, this formulation holds the promise of both improved patient compliance and low cost.


Oral HDV + Novel T2DM Candidate

The Company is using its proprietary insights into normal liver glucose control to develop a first-in-class oral, liver targeted compound for treating Type 2 diabetes. Based upon an entirely novel glucose control mechanism in the liver, this combination of nanotechnology-based cell receptor targeting and a novel compound for diabetes treatment is being readied for early human clinical testing.